In 2014, after more than 30 years serving the Spinal Cord Injured Community, Mr. Frank E. Zeiss, Acting Manager and C.O.O. of Sigmedics Inc. (since 1996) generously donated the company to the Worldwide Alliance for Locomotion and Kinetics (W.A.L.K.) Nonprofit Foundation. The mission of W.A.L.K. Is to ensure the Parastep I™ System is available to those need it.  This donation will ensure that this innovative and life-affirming technology continues to be available to those who can benefit.




Sigmedics Inc. (, the maker of the FDA approved Parastep I™ Computerized Functional Electrical Stimulation System which allows spinal cord injured patients to stand, walk and community ambulate, has been gifted to a new nonprofit foundation, the Worldwide Alliance for Locomotion and Kinetics (W.A.L.K.).

 The Parastep I™ System will continue to be made available to those who need it by W.A.L.K.  

Recent progress in spinal cord injury therapy, such as stem cell therapy, makes it even more important that patients preserve their bodies in hope of future repair!

 Radical new medical developments are fundamentally changing the way spinal cord injured patients are treated. Spinal cord injury patients need the walking physical therapy that can only be provided using the Sigmedics ParaStep I™. It preserves bone density and muscle mass, improves many bodily functions and emotional health of the spinal injury victim, all in the hopes of the many new treatments that are fast approaching.

In order to introduce the ParaStep I™ to physical therapists and patients and to celebrate our foundation’s mission, W.A.L.K. would like to give away one free Parastep I™ system to the patient who best answers the question “How a Parastep I™ will change my life” in a 100 word paragraph. Applicants will be screened for medical Insurance coverage and need.

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