Parastep I™ User Stories

Vanessa Jones

Parastep User Experience and User Profile   My name is Vanessa Jones and I sustained a T-6 SCI in 1988 in a moped accident while traveling in southern France.  I first heard about the Parastep in 1992, while a student at the University of Miami.  At the time the Parastep was being tested at the Miami Project pending FDA approval.  I decided to become a research subject and... Read More

Jonathan Yurchak

My name is Jonathan Yurchak and I live in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, about one hour north of the City of Philadelphia. I am a T-5 Paraplegic and have been injured for 6 years. I started training for the Parastep in the Summer of 1994 at Magee Rehabilitation in Philadelphia. Formerly a U.S. Marine and a Penn State Grad, living an active life prior to my injury, was a given. The adjustment to... Read More

John Targowski

Parastep Use Experience and User Profile   I’ve been a Parastep user for the past eight years. I’ve walked with it long enough to make the system a part of my body and a part of my mind. Using functional electrical stimulation (FES) on limbs that otherwise would remain dormant has visibly pronounced results. My thighs, calves, and butt muscles appear similar in size to... Read More

Albert Pruitt

Albert is a Software Application Engineer currently employed with K2 Technologies, Inc. K2 designs, manufactures, markets and distributes software supporting the semiconductor industry's design, verification, process development, lithographic, pattern generation and manufacturing environments. Albert, by his own admission, enjoys living life to the fullest. Some of his activities include going... Read More

Scott F. Chesney

At the age of 30, Scott Chesney has certainly had a lifetime of adventures and global schooling. He is a two-time world traveler, visiting over 30 countries in three years while studying human behavior, researching complementary medicines, providing life enhancement coaching both in-person and online, sharing his experiences with over 500,000 individuals through motivational and inspirational... Read More

Jocelyn Dettloff

User Profile   After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1993with a degree in English Literature, Jocelyn spent the next few years traveling and working "in between" jobs. In 1997 she became a T-5 paraplegic while sledding down a sand dune in Namibia, Africa. Currently, Jocelyn is living in southwestern Michigan and working at the Grand Rapids Center for... Read More

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