Jonathan Yurchak

My name is Jonathan Yurchak and I live in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, about one hour north of the City of Philadelphia. I am a T-5 Paraplegic and have been injured for 6 years. I started training for the Parastep in the Summer of 1994 at Magee Rehabilitation in Philadelphia. Formerly a U.S. Marine and a Penn State Grad, living an active life prior to my injury, was a given. The adjustment to sitting in a wheelchair 24/7 was a tough one. Thankfully I found Parastep and have been able to use it not only as a mental well being tool but also as a great form of exercise.
Working full time as Business Manager and CPA for an Investments Firm, I find it is great for stress relief and a workout when I come home after work and walk around my house. Using Parastep as a supplement to other forms of cardiovascular exercise has kept me in great shape. I never felt my heart pound quite as strongly as when I have walked for a good half hour. Quite often when I visit a doctor they will comment on how much muscle mass I have retained so long after my injury and how well my spirits are. I attribute a lot of this to the Parastep system.
 I have been using the same system I received in 1994 very hard for six years now and the durability and reliability of the equipment is quite remarkable. As always whenever I need anything or have any questions the folks at Sigmedics offer excellent support and service. I always find it remarkable that more people do not know about Parastep. I recommend it highly to anyone. It has done wonders for my body, mind and soul! A big thank you to all at Sigmedics for such a great product. I look forward to many more years of use!

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