Jocelyn Dettloff

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After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1993with a degree in English Literature, Jocelyn spent the next few years traveling and working "in between" jobs. In 1997 she became a T-5 paraplegic while sledding down a sand dune in Namibia, Africa. Currently, Jocelyn is living in southwestern Michigan and working at the Grand Rapids Center for Independent Living. The GRCIL is a non-profit disability resource center staffed primarily by persons with disabilities which works to break down barriers in society and help people with disabilities lead independent lives. Aside from social justice, some of her interests are alternative medicine, tennis, water and downhill skiing, and traveling.
Parastep Use Experience
The Parastep system has been a blessing. Since starting using the system in March 1998, my muscle spasms have greatly been reduced, my legs have not atrophied, and my upper body strength has increased. I do not incorporate the Parastep into my daily routine, but I do incorporate it into my weekly exercise routine (2-3 times a week). Having the opportunity to stand, stretch and "walk" feels wonderful. 
Though some tasks are easier using the Parastep I™ System than doing them from wheelchair height, the Parastep I™ System will never take the place of my wheelchair, I never intended it to. However, the health benefits I experience now will work to my advantage in the future. Because there are so many additional health concerns related to a disability, it is so important to be health conscious and stay fit. The Parastep I™ System is my means of staying fit. It is challenging, but I recommend the system to anyone who has the opportunity to use it


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