What is the functional outcome of Parastep I™ System use?

The obvious benefit derived from Parastep I™ System use is its potential to enable spinal cord injured individuals to attain limited ambulation.  The Parastep I™ System enables users to stand and walk short distances at home or in the work place without long leg braces.  The Parastep I™ System may assist users to perform some of the activities of daily living which require standing.

For example, some of the activities reported by users include simple tasks from emptying a dishwasher, drinking from a water fountain, operating a photocopier, filing, placing and removing books from a bookcase, obtaining a soft drink from a dispensing machine to going to a restaurant, preparing meals at home, entering and exiting narrow passageways, and making presentations, teaching a class or greeting customers while standing.

Every user will differ in the level of skill achieved with Parastep I™ System use.  Functional goals will be evaluated for each user by the physical therapist, and a training program will be developed to accomplish these goals.

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