What kind of physical therapy training is required?

Physical therapy is a key component of the Parastep.  Thirty-two sessions of physical therapy, including instruction on system use and gait training, are provided to users when they purchase a system.  This training is provided by hospital-based physical therapists who have completed Sigmedics, Inc.'s clinical training program.

Though some facilities may offer an accelerated training program (the individual is seen daily, often once in the morning and then again in the afternoon), dependent on the participant's conditioning  and self-progress, typically, Parastep training is conducted a minimum of two to three times per week, on an outpatient basis.  Patient information, treatment records and functional measures are collected at each training session and consolidated into a progress report.

Each user's progress is carefully monitored with frequent adjustments made in the training program to accommodate each user's individual requirements.  Treatment sessions progress at a pace set by each user's ability, skill and proficiency.

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