Why use The Parastep I™ System?

It has long been accepted in rehabilitation medicine, that prolonged inactivity has extensive deleterious physiological consequences.  Few question the benefits of standing after spinal cord injury.  The use of functional electrical stimulation by individuals with neurological impairments has been shown to be therapeutically effective for retarding and reversing muscular atrophy; increasing local blood flow and circulation in stimulated muscles; and increasing the range of motion at inactive joints.

The Parastep I™ System affords the user the ability to activate his/her own muscles to stand and bear weight on the long bones of the legs, when and where the individual desires to do so, whether at home or in the work place.

The Parastep I™ System, when used in an approved program of long-term spinal cord injury management, will enable the individual to stand and walk short distances.  Users of the system report that Parastep I™ System also enhances emotional and psychological well-being by enhancing self-esteem and improving morale.

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