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In 2014, Frank E. Zeiss generously donated Sigmedics Inc to the Worldwide Alliance for Locomotion and Kinetics Nonprofit Foundation (W.A.L.K.).  This donation will ensure that this innovative and life-affirming Technology continues to be available to those who need it.


There are literally hundreds of people who’s genius, insight, knowledge, determination, financial support, personal sacrifices, unselfish and tireless efforts, and participation in various research projects is responsible for the successful commercial introduction of the Parastep I technology.

Just to name a few, people like Dr. Daniel Graupe (and some of his contemporary scientists and researchers) who worked with functional electrical stimulation (FES) and who conceived the idea about designing a compact and easy to don/doff ambulation system for the spinal cord injured back in the early 1980’s, and who so diligently worked with Dr. Kate Kohn in the early research stages (and continues to work and further research this technology), people like David Sitrick, Esq., Sigmedics, Inc.’s friend, supporter and Patent Attorney, Drs. Robert McNeil and Fred Middleton of Sanderling Ventures, Dr. Robert Larson of the Woodside Fund, Ms. Sona Wang and her associates at Batterson, Johnson and Wang, all responsible for financially, and with their management ideas and expertise, supporting the company through its inception and developmental stages, people like Paul Lavallee, Patrick Maher, Robert Habasevich, Silvano Romeo, Frank Zeiss, James Burkett, Jeanne Ayers, Al Blitz, Philip Hoenig (Sigmedics, Inc.’s first management team), responsible for developing the early models that led to the final product design, creating the clinical programs and guidelines for the rehabilitation of the spinal cord injured through use of the device, and bringing the Parastep I technology into commercialization following years of successful multi-center clinical trials, which lead to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for marketing of the product.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the cooperation, dedication, hard work and staunch support of all the hospital administrators, physicians, physical therapists and subjects who conducted, provided feedback and participated in those clinical trials, and many of whom continue today with conducting additional long term clinical studies, reporting on and publishing their findings in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, and are committed to this technology for the benefit and care of their spinal cord injured patients by providing comprehensive Parastep I clinical rehabilitation programs throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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